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Moonlight with lyrics- Miyano Mamoru (Original Song)Moonlight with lyrics- Miyano Mamoru (Original Song)
This is my first video so I really don't now how it will come out, but I would love you to help me rate it and tell me if there is anything wrong with it. Also, I would try ...
Miyano Mamoru - MoonlightMiyano Mamoru - Moonlight
Hello! This is my first time editing a video and yes i know it sucks... but that doesn't stop me from editing this one of a kind anime... UTAPURI!!! :) Moonlight by ...
Moonlight - Tokiya Ichinose (Miyano Mamoru)Moonlight - Tokiya Ichinose (Miyano Mamoru)
Nothing in this video belongs to me. Pictures/art belong to their owners. The song also belongs to its owner. This is like one of my first videos so... ;v; Video made ...
Moonlight Lyrics | Ichinose TokiyaMoonlight Lyrics | Ichinose Tokiya
Anime - Maji Love Song - Moonlight Artist - Miyano Mamoru.
Miyano Mamoru  Moonlight (karaoke)Miyano Mamoru Moonlight (karaoke)
Visto e considerato che un vero e proprio video karaoke di questa canzone non esiste, avendo trovato per caso (dopo ore di tentavivi di ricerca su internet) la ...

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