歌手 宮野真守 
作詞 宮野真守 
作曲 宮野真守 
編曲 木原良輔 
閲覧数合計:20151 今月:26



STAND UP SOULに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Ichinose Tokiya-Stand Up Soul With LyricsIchinose Tokiya-Stand Up Soul With Lyrics
Artist:Miyano Mamoru Lyrics:Miyano Mamoru Music:Miyano Mamoru Arrangement:Kihara Ryousuke Romaji and Kanji Lyrics+English Lyrics Translation I do not own anything. Copyright for the owner. ENJOY :)
Stand Up Soul - Ichinose TokiyaStand Up Soul - Ichinose Tokiya
Again, I still don't own anything so Poo you :D Anyways, This is a good song so LISTEN TO IT.
Tokiya Ichinose - moonlightTokiya Ichinose - moonlight
宮野真守が語る「STAND UP SOUL」への思い入れ【宮野真守のRADIO SMILE】宮野真守が語る「STAND UP SOUL」への思い入れ【宮野真守のRADIO SMILE】
YouTubeが好きな貴方が必ずみておくべき情報 宮野真守のRADIO SMILE 第31回(2014/11/08) ファンクラブイベントにて6th single「オ...
Moonlight with lyrics- Miyano Mamoru (Original Song)Moonlight with lyrics- Miyano Mamoru (Original Song)
This is my first video so I really don't now how it will come out, but I would love you to help me rate it and tell me if there is anything wrong with it. Also, I would try to continue uploading...

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