Binaural Beat

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Eiko Shimamiya - Binaural BeatEiko Shimamiya - Binaural Beat
Song: Binaural Beat Artist: Eiko Shimamiya Notes: A wonderful kind of ethereal song, but it really just catches you. It's hard to explain. All material is copyright to ...
Eiko Shimamiya - Dhobi GhatEiko Shimamiya - Dhobi Ghat
Song: Dhobi Ghat Artist: Eiko Shimamiya Notes: My favorite song on this mini-album and i love her Indian influences in this. Wonderful! All material is copyright ...
Eiko Shimaiya - Yuki no KonataEiko Shimaiya - Yuki no Konata
Artist: Eiko Shimamiya 島みやえい子, 島宮えい子 Song: Yuki no Konata.
Eiko Shimamiya - Electric UniverseEiko Shimamiya - Electric Universe
Song: Electric Universe Artist: Eiko Shimamiya Notes: The B-side to her Super Scription of Data single, but it really works well in the mini album. Fits the style ...

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