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Eiko Shimamiya - Day by DayEiko Shimamiya - Day by Day
Song: Day by Day Artist: Eiko Shimamiya Notes: What i think is the weakest track on here, but it's a nice happy song to end the mini album. All material is ...
Eiko Shimamiya - Sunny PlaceEiko Shimamiya - Sunny Place
Song: Sunny Place Artist: Eiko Shimamiya Notes: A happier song with a light atmosphere to it. All material is copyright to Eiko Shimamiya and her record label.
まじかる☆ジゴワット Blessed Mary of Valour  feat. 島みやえい子まじかる☆ジゴワット Blessed Mary of Valour  feat. 島みやえい子
2015.4.26 Release まじかる☆ジゴワット 【M3-2015春】 第一展示場 C-13a,b「IOSYS」 イベント価格 1500円 / ショップ価格...
Epic music - 島みやえい子 Eiko Shimamiya - FortressEpic music - 島みやえい子 Eiko Shimamiya - Fortress
This is one of the most epic and inspirational songs I have heard... Sung by Eiko Shimamiya, one of the former I've Sound singers. She stayed in I've Sound from ...

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