New Arrival

歌手 川畑要  CHEMISTRY 
作詞 田中秀典 
作曲 Super Changddai  URU 
編曲 Super Changddai 
閲覧数合計:990 今月:18



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「川畑要(CHEMISTRY) - New Arrival」を歌ってみた by LADY GAMA「川畑要(CHEMISTRY) - New Arrival」を歌ってみた by LADY GAMA
Nightcore: New ArrivalNightcore: New Arrival
This is a Jpop song by CHEMISTRY, so yeah. New arrival by Chemistry . :] Still haven't figured how to insert an image into a video so it comes out crisp and clear ...
Kaname Kawabata - TOKYO GIRL [Official Music Video]Kaname Kawabata - TOKYO GIRL [Official Music Video]
ซิงเกิ้ลแรกของ Kaname Kawabata อดีตสมาชิกคู่ดูโอ Chemistry Official LINE : BEC-TERO MUSIC.
New arrivalNew arrival

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