歌手 志方あきこ 
作詞 天野月子 
作曲 志方あきこ 
編曲 志方あきこ 
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LOST CHILDRENに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Akiko Shikata - Lost Children Full (sub ita)Akiko Shikata - Lost Children Full (sub ita)
【志方あきこ】 LOST CHILDREN 【Messiah(メサイア)の主題歌】【志方あきこ】 LOST CHILDREN 【Messiah(メサイア)の主題歌】
This is the theme-song for Messiah's drama CD. The song will also be used for the drama's movie adaptation.
Akiko Shikata- Lost Children English/Romaji SubAkiko Shikata- Lost Children English/Romaji Sub
DISCLAIMER: The image(s) and song used in this video are not owned by me. All rights belong to their respected owners. Translation by Ushna~ For ...
Akiko Shikata   Lost Children FullAkiko Shikata Lost Children Full
Né la canzone ne la traduzione mi appartegono. Ho scelto di caricare questo video sul mio profilo perchè questa canzone è molto importante per me, ...

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