Misty Mystery

作詞 AZUKI七 
作曲 中村由利 
編曲 古井弘人 
カテゴリ アニメ 名探偵コナン OP 32
閲覧数合計:106928 今月:881



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[lyrics] Misty Mystery - Garnet Crow[lyrics] Misty Mystery - Garnet Crow
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[HD] GARNET CROW - Misty Mystery[HD] GARNET CROW - Misty Mystery
I do not own the video~ The song's melody is written by Nakamura Yuri and the lyrics by AZUKI Nana. In announcements on their official site, the band says that the song will be a very different...
Detective Conan - Fan-made OPENING - Misty Mystery (Garnet Crow)Detective Conan - Fan-made OPENING - Misty Mystery (Garnet Crow)
Here's my Detective Conan Fan-made Opening - Misty Mystery! (Requested by Tamás Varga) LIKE if you Enjoyed it :) SUBSCRIBE if you want more Also, feel free to make requests! (Anime list of...
GARNET CROW「Misty Mystery」PVGARNET CROW「Misty Mystery」PV
GARNET CROW New Single「Misty Mystery」 2011.8.31 OnSale!! 前作「Smiley Nation」とは打って変わって、ミステリアスな音色とドラマティックな旋律が詰まった刺...
Misty Mystery (Garnet Crow) lyrics fullMisty Mystery (Garnet Crow) lyrics full

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