248 Mile

歌手 上木彩矢 
作詞 上木彩矢 
作曲 佐々木收 
編曲 日比野裕史 
閲覧数合計:435 今月:5



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Aya Kamiki - 上木彩矢 - Secret CodeAya Kamiki - 上木彩矢 - Secret Code
Artist: Aya Kamiki (上木彩矢) Song: Secret Code Album: Secret Code Released On: 12 July 2006 Lyrics: Aya Kamiki Music: Ohno Aika *1 Bad boy me ga aeba Bad girl ubawareteku kono...
Aya Kamiki  - 248 Mile LiveAya Kamiki - 248 Mile Live
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This is from the Rina Aiuchi Valentine live and it's a performance of one of my favorite songs, Secret Code off of her first full length album. ENJOY! If you like what you hear please look...
Secret CodeSecret Code
by 上木彩矢 Secret Code 収録.
上木彩矢「248 Mile」Guitar Cover上木彩矢「248 Mile」Guitar Cover
My guitar cover of Aya Kamiki - 248 Mile. She has always been my favourite J-Pop/Rock female artist. Sorry for any mistakes. Thanks for watching. Please rate, comment and subscribe. 我彈奏了...

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