Just be a friend

歌手 azusa 
作詞 azusa 
作曲 azusa 
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Just be a friend /azusa  高音質Just be a friend /azusa 高音質
azusaの曲です。 映像適当でごめんなさい。
Just a Friend♥ | Yui x AzusaJust a Friend♥ | Yui x Azusa
[ HD ] - - - - - Sorry for the long/gay message xD but, the feelings are real♥ ...
「Friend - Viola ver」The Witch's House 【Scarlet】「Friend - Viola ver」The Witch's House 【Scarlet】
Download link: https://soundcloud.com/scarlet-azusa/friend-viola-verthe-witchs-house-azusa. Hello guys! Played Witch's House and just like everybody else,...
Just Be Friends Music Box - Azusa & Tenshi DuettJust Be Friends Music Box - Azusa & Tenshi Duett
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?beb6g4ypujgt98b.

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