歌手 the GazettE 
作詞 流鬼. 
作曲 the GazettE 
編曲 the GazettE 
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the GazettE - UNTITLED ( Instrumental ) カラオケthe GazettE - UNTITLED ( Instrumental ) カラオケ
ガゼットの''UNTITLED '' カラオケバージョン NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED BUY The Gazette's New Album DOGMA on iTunes ...
Nightcore - Untitled (the GazettE)Nightcore - Untitled (the GazettE)
Original song by the GazettE - Untitled Nightcore by me ^-^
the GazettE - UNTITLED Drum Cover By 冷月叩いてみたthe GazettE - UNTITLED Drum Cover By 冷月叩いてみた
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/yipkinto Instagram: http://instagram.com/kintoyip the GazettE - UNTITLED Drum Cover By 冷月 Music By the GazettE ...
UNTITLED - the GazettE - Piano CoverUNTITLED - the GazettE - Piano Cover
A piano cover of Untitled by The GazettE =] PLAYED BY EAR. No music sheets, sorry. One of my favourite songs from their latest album, TOXIC. Recorded ...
the GazettE - Untitled (Live Teatro Vorterix Argentina)the GazettE - Untitled (Live Teatro Vorterix Argentina)
Costo un huevo filmarlos xD Tengo mas videos...

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