monochrome rainbow

歌手 Tommy heavenly6 
作詞 Tommy heavenly6 
作曲 Mark and John 
編曲 Mark and John 
カテゴリ アニメ バクマン。2 ED 1
閲覧数合計:27291 今月:86



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Tommy heavenly6 - monochrome rainbowTommy heavenly6 - monochrome rainbow
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Tommy Heavenly6 - Monochrome Rainbow (OST Bakuman) Lyric [Eng/Rom]Tommy Heavenly6 - Monochrome Rainbow (OST Bakuman) Lyric [Eng/Rom]
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Full Bakuman ED2 Monochrome RainbowFull Bakuman ED2 Monochrome Rainbow
Artist: Tommy Heavenly6 Song: Monochrome Rainbow Anime: Bakuman I do not own anything in the making of this video!
Tommy Heavenly6 - Monochrome Rainbow [SUB ESPAÑOL]Tommy Heavenly6 - Monochrome Rainbow [SUB ESPAÑOL]
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Tommy heavenly6 - monochrome rainbow (1'08 ver.)Tommy heavenly6 - monochrome rainbow (1'08 ver.)
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