Take It Over

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Totalfat - Take it OverTotalfat - Take it Over
Totalfat - Place to Try EP.
Lyric : Totalfat - Overdrive I can fly away with everyone I wish I could hold you in my arms Hear your heart beating It's growing up Spreading out my wings Let's fly ...
TOTALFAT - See You Later, Take CareTOTALFAT - See You Later, Take Care
Lyrics Can I see deep inside your heart I spend the day with my very lonely mind I feel you so far away I don't regret you chose your own way tonight, I want you ...
Let It Die soundtrack - Let It Die - Come & Get ItLet It Die soundtrack - Let It Die - Come & Get It
By Totalfat Lyric: Hey, you ready to face me? Back up! I'm telling you now Hey, can't stop me no more Get out the way You don't need to save your power Get ...
TOTALFAT - All For YouTOTALFAT - All For You
[All for You] You said "We don't need to talk" "I just want you by my side" Cause I'm the one who broke your heart Wish that I could take it back Didn't have to be ...

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