歌手 Little Viking 
作詞 森岡純 
作曲 森岡純 
編曲 Little Viking  須貝幸生 
カテゴリ アニメ キディ・グレイド ED
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Kiddy Grade - 01 - Future - LITTLE VIKINGKiddy Grade - 01 - Future - LITTLE VIKING
Kiddy Grade ED Single (Future) - 01 Kiddy Grade Sound Pack 2 -Lumiere- - 14 Kiddy Grade Sound Pack 3 - 26 ______Descargar OST______ ...
Kiddy Grade   Creditless Ending Little Viking   FutureKiddy Grade Creditless Ending Little Viking Future
[ Magic ] Little Viking / Jun Elding[ Magic ] Little Viking / Jun Elding
Acoustic live in Tokyo, 2006 [ Magic ] is the original version of the song [ Future ] (the ending theme song of animation [ Kiddy Grade ]).
【Zessei Bijin!】 Little Viking- Future  【Sia x Moon】【Zessei Bijin!】 Little Viking- Future 【Sia x Moon】
How many duets has it been already? Listen to some anime! Our main YT Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ZesseiBijinGirls Our back up YT Channel: ...
[Karaoke/Instrumental] Kiddy Grade: Little Viking - Future[Karaoke/Instrumental] Kiddy Grade: Little Viking - Future
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the song, the background images, and the lyrics. Video made by me, [Felicia]. Thanks for watching. :)

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Little Vikingの週間ランキング