perfect trap

歌手 Annabel 
作詞 Annabel 
作曲 myu 
編曲 myu 
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Perfect Trap - Theme of Houjou ReisukePerfect Trap - Theme of Houjou Reisuke
The seventh track from the first "Mirai Nikki Inspired Album". Performed by Annabel.
[Trap] Annabel Jones - Magnetic (AObeats Remix)[Trap] Annabel Jones - Magnetic (AObeats Remix)
Artist: Annabel Jones Song: Magnetic (AObeats Remix) Genre: Trap / Chill Trap ♫ Download: Enjoy this brilliant...
Logic - Magnetic ft. Annabel Jones (Mix)Logic - Magnetic ft. Annabel Jones (Mix)
Mixed by: KC Audio & B3N Original Artists: Logic / Annabel Jones Description: Logic - Magnetic ft. Annabel Jones (Mix) is a perfect mash of sounds from the incredible KC Audio & B3N. The...
Annabel Jones - Magnetic (AObeats Remix)Annabel Jones - Magnetic (AObeats Remix)
Annabel Jones - Magnetic (AObeats Remix) ♪ ♪Free Download: ♪Jompa on Facebook ♪Jompa on Twitter:

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