Quel Guardo Il Cavaliere

閲覧数合計:1893 今月:9



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Quel guardo il cavaliere?Quel guardo il cavaliere?
Quel guardo il cavaliere JeeHyun Kim, soprano Chia-I Chen, pianist ASU Studio 303 Published by permission of the director.
【live】Bravin' Bad Brew - Ayahi Takagaki cover【live】Bravin' Bad Brew - Ayahi Takagaki cover
2013 Bravin' Bad Brew 作詞:畑亜貴 作曲:上松範康 「闇から助けて。」 感じたの哀しいVoice I'm in the hell I'm in the fate 抱き合えば凍り付く 信じない誰...
SPHERE Live 高垣彩陽 soloSPHERE Live 高垣彩陽 solo
Seasons of Love -
Be with you - 高垣彩陽Be with you - 高垣彩陽
하야미 사오리 & 타카가키 아야히 - Komm, süßer Tod하야미 사오리 & 타카가키 아야히 - Komm, süßer Tod

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