歌手 黒崎真音 
作詞 黒崎真音 
作曲 R・O・N 
編曲 R・O・N 
カテゴリ アニメ OVA HELLSING ED 9
閲覧数合計:10895 今月:47




Hellsing Ultimate 9 Ending BD 1080p - [Scars] Creditless - [Ultimate Quality]Hellsing Ultimate 9 Ending BD 1080p - [Scars] Creditless - [Ultimate Quality]
Here's the creditless ending theme for Hellsing Ultimate episode 9, taken directly from the BD. Best quality you'll ever find on Youtube.
Nightcore - Scars (Hellsing OVA IX ED)Nightcore - Scars (Hellsing OVA IX ED)
Original: Maon Kurosaki - Scars If you would like any picture of my videos - please write in PM.
hellsing  ultimate tribute Scarshellsing ultimate tribute Scars
【Ring】HELLSING -SCARS【2015無限自由音樂祭】【Ring】HELLSING -SCARS【2015無限自由音樂祭】
2015/10/11 台中 - 無限自由音樂祭 異次元舞台 - Ring HELLSING - 厄夜怪客 黑崎真音 - SCARS.
Nightcore - Scars - Hellsing Ultimate (OVA IX)Nightcore - Scars - Hellsing Ultimate (OVA IX)
Music from Hellsing Ultimate Nightcored by me.

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