Balancing toy

歌手 大原さやか 
作詞 Loco. 
作曲 Gravity musik 
編曲 Gravity musik 
カテゴリ アニメ C3 イメージソング
閲覧数合計:960 今月:9



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Nightcore -- Balancing toy 「Ohara Sayaka」「Subbed」Nightcore -- Balancing toy 「Ohara Sayaka」「Subbed」
Song: Balancing toy By: Peavy Barroy ピーヴィー・バロヲイ (CV: 大原 さやか - Ohara Sayaka) Anime:...
dear my friend-Ohara sayaka-sub español (code geass)dear my friend-Ohara sayaka-sub español (code geass)
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Sayaka Ohara - Song Compilation RolesSayaka Ohara - Song Compilation Roles
Intro: "How dare you interrupt my training" - Erza Scarlet She is seriously the voice for mothers. She and Rikiya Koyama must be the parents of anime haha!
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