歌手 The Sketchbook 
作詞 多田宏 
作曲 tatsuo 
編曲 tatsuo 
カテゴリ アニメ SKET DANCE OP 4
閲覧数合計:73248 今月:245




The Sketchbook / MessageThe Sketchbook / Message 2012年2月1日リリース。テレビアニメ「SKET DANCE」第4期オープニングテーマ。2011年9月28日に「道」「クローバー」のシン...
sketchbook (message)sketchbook (message)
hi everyone rin here in the house guess what message Im playing thats right a message from sketchbook here is a song from sketchbook hope you like it and dont forget to watch SKET Dance ...
Message - The Sketchbook Lyrics w/ TranslationMessage - The Sketchbook Lyrics w/ Translation
I do not own anything in the video. The music and all the pictures belong to their respectful owners** Sorry for the big break I took! I'm out of high school. Let me know if you want a translati...
sket dance OP 4full lyrics  [Message] by sketchbook  .wmvsket dance OP 4full lyrics [Message] by sketchbook .wmv
anime : sket dance copyright : Avex entertainment .Inc. Lyrics: Nanige naku fuiteta sono kaze ni Kizukazu sugoshita jikan wa Me no mae no kotoba yori omotakute Sukoshi dake tooku ni me...
The Sketchbook / 道The Sketchbook / 道 テレビアニメ「SKET DANCE」オープニングテーマ。"The Sketchbook"は『SKET DANCE』原作で特に人気が高いエピソード「カイメイ・ロッ...

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