Another Sky

作詞 minato 
作曲 minato 
カテゴリ ゲーム X-BOX360 Ever17 ED
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Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len- Another Sky (Valshe)Kagamine Rin & Kagamine Len- Another Sky (Valshe)
PLEASE READ! Credit: Minitokyo & Konachan (pictures) BGM : Another Sky-Valshe DISCLAIMER: This is purely fan-made. I DO NOT OWN any of the videos, pictures, and songs.
Destiny (music: Another Sky - Valshe)Destiny (music: Another Sky - Valshe)
I do not own the music in the video, it belongs entirely to Valshe. Text and pictures by meeniunaluka. English is not my first language, if you see a mistake in the text, please let me know!...
Another Sky/VALSHE 【歌なし】Another Sky/VALSHE 【歌なし】
『Another Sky』 歌ってみた [トゥエル]『Another Sky』 歌ってみた [トゥエル]
Another Sky」 JESTER 作曲家-minato オリジナル歌手-VALSHE mp3-
「Another Sky」 【Birds of Paradise】 - HDB SKY「Another Sky」 【Birds of Paradise】 - HDB SKY
Shota-kun's Channel: 「」 Kuro: 'happy birthday sky-chan your so cute and i loves chu~ ♥ hope you have an awesome birthday. ^^ sky-chan kawaiii~♥...

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