Heavenly Tale

歌手 Alice Nine 
作曲 沙我 
編曲 Alice Nine  岡野ハジメ 
閲覧数合計:584 今月:6



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Alice Nine - Heavenly TaleAlice Nine - Heavenly Tale
PLEASE BUY THE ALBUM TO SUPPORT THE BAND *** Album: 9 Lyrics: Shou Music: Saga Enjoy. I'm pretty sure it will be banned soon.
Alice Nine Live [2012 Court of 9 #4 Grand Finale] COUNTDOWN LIVE 12.31.Alice Nine Live [2012 Court of 9 #4 Grand Finale] COUNTDOWN LIVE 12.31.
SETLIST 01 Heavenly Tale 02 閃光 / SENKOU 03 GALLOWS 04 Q 05 -九龍-NINE HEADS RODEO SHOW- 06 BLUE FLAME 07 Kiss twice, Kiss me deadly 08朱 ...
alice nine - Heavenly Tale Bass Coveralice nine - Heavenly Tale Bass Cover
Yes I am using a Wah pedal, and I think it sounds fantastic :P Tuning: EADG.
Alice Nine-Heavenly tale(Bass and guitar cover)Alice Nine-Heavenly tale(Bass and guitar cover)
Alice Nine-Heavenly tale bass and guitar cover by me,enjoy! Right pan:Fender telecaster japan TL71 Left pan:Esp Edwards e-hr 130-3 Bass:Esp edwards e am ...
Heavenly taleHeavenly tale

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