歌手 Prizmmy☆ 
作詞 谷藤律子 
作曲 飯岡隆志 
編曲 山下洋介 
閲覧数合計:1588 今月:7




Prizmmy Slideshow Ayami, Popple Hearts(inst.)Prizmmy Slideshow Ayami, Popple Hearts(inst.)
A little video featuring Ayami and everyone around her. Sorry for the technical mistakes, first video.
Prizmmy☆ - Butterfly Effect (inst)Prizmmy☆ - Butterfly Effect (inst)
es el turno de un album que marco los recuerdos y corazones de muchas personas, esta es la version instrumental del tema principal del album butterfly effect espero sea de su agrado y esperen...
Happy Birthday Ayami-miHappy Birthday Ayami-mi
Even though you graduated from Prizmmy, you will always be a member. Happy Birthday. The pictures are from old blog entries or google. About one month before I'm the same age as Ayami-mi again....
Prizmmy | Happy 16th Birthday Karin-chanPrizmmy | Happy 16th Birthday Karin-chan
It's finally Karin's birthday... well in Japan XD It's still the 21st where I live but I'm gonna upload this now! Anyway happy 16th birthday to Prizmmy's Always Smiling member! Never lose...
2017 03 30 Prizmmy☆ ラストライブ 22017 03 30 Prizmmy☆ ラストライブ 2
「Prizmmy☆」&「プリズム☆メイツ」ラストライブ生中継 ニコ生:会場から配信 メンバー1人ずつの別れの言葉 デビューから振り返りながら...

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