Shut Up, Men!

歌手 FLiP 
作詞 渡名喜幸子 
作曲 渡名喜幸子 
編曲 いしわたり淳治  FLiP 
閲覧数合計:1388 今月:3



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FLiP - "Shut Up, Men"FLiP - "Shut Up, Men"
Since this song wasn't on YT, and I want to share FLiP's talent with others, I decided to upload it. Enjoy. This video is in no way profit-making and is purely for ...
FLiP LiVE Shut Up, Men! ~ ナガイキス ~ カートニアゴFLiP LiVE Shut Up, Men! ~ ナガイキス ~ カートニアゴ
FLiP official website 2012.04.12 @ 渋谷CLUB QUATTRO Shut Up, Men! 0:08 ナガイキス4:05 カートニアゴ 7:44 FLiP presents「RESPECT ...
FLiP / Shut Up, Men! ( Guitar cover )FLiP / Shut Up, Men! ( Guitar cover )
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