halo effect

歌手 やなぎなぎ 
作詞 やなぎなぎ 
作曲 飛内将大 
編曲 飛内将大 
閲覧数合計:8864 今月:80



halo effectに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Yanagi Nagi - halo effect [Subbed]Yanagi Nagi - halo effect [Subbed]
[Please read description.] halo effect Yanagi nagi Translated by CloveredCinnamon. Please subscribe to him as he has awesome song translations.
Yanagi Nagi - halo effect Sub thaiYanagi Nagi - halo effect Sub thai
자유로움 (freedom) (Original Song - halo effect-yanaginagi)자유로움 (freedom) (Original Song - halo effect-yanaginagi)
목이 안 좋은 상태에서 녹음을 했는데, 편집이 이상하게됬네요...이런.. 그냥 올려요. 녹음은 스마트폰 (LG G3 A)로 했기에 음질이랑 녹음상태가...
[osu!] yanaginagi - Halo Effect : CRN DoubleTime[osu!] yanaginagi - Halo Effect : CRN DoubleTime
nice~ nice~ good~
osu! - yanaginagi - Halo Effect [CRN]osu! - yanaginagi - Halo Effect [CRN]
Amazing map and song. Map by caren_sk, you can find this song in this pack - http://firestorage.com/download/37ac4fb987c1bae05fdbf69454cad1ef7256965b ...

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