歌手 蒼井翔太 
作曲 中山真斗 
編曲 中山真斗 
カテゴリ アニメ 君と僕。 挿入歌
アニメ 君と僕。2 挿入歌
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[Kimi to Boku] Tomorrow - Aoi Shouta[Kimi to Boku] Tomorrow - Aoi Shouta
From myself To myself, ココロは Frozen flowerのよう Listen to my Yesterday, 不協和音でLost Today, Nobody knowsで行こうTomorrow Mellow yellowから 暮れるDearest days...
[Engsub] Tomorrow - Shouta Aoi (Live)[Engsub] Tomorrow - Shouta Aoi (Live)
English Translation by: 音楽伝説 Time&Encode by me :D Just became Aoi's fan, heard his songs a few days ago and I just kinda felt in love :"3 I don't know Japanese so thank you, 音楽伝説,...
君と僕。 ost live-蒼井翔太 kimi to boku (live) by shouta君と僕。 ost live-蒼井翔太 kimi to boku (live) by shouta
君と僕。イベント穂稀高校春祭り~キミ踊る、サクラ咲く」 【SORA】、【OVER】、【Tomorrow】。 DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING. IF YOU OWN ANY PART OF THIS VIDEO...
Tomorrow - Aoi ShoutaTomorrow - Aoi Shouta
Tomorrow - 蒼井 翔太 (Aoi Shouta)
Kimi To Boku  - TomorrowKimi To Boku - Tomorrow
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