歌手 玉置成実 
作詞 mavie  ats- 
作曲 ats- 
編曲 ats- 
カテゴリ アニメ 牙-KIBA- OP 1
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Nami Tamaki - Sanctuary (spanish subs)Nami Tamaki - Sanctuary (spanish subs)
Traducido y subtitulado por Salo. Foro en español de Nami Tamaki: Aqui os dejo otro video más, poco a poco iré subtitulando más.
Nami Tamaki - SanctuaryNami Tamaki - Sanctuary
This is the song "Sanctuary" sung by Nami Tamaki. The pic may not necessarily be related but, when you think of the meaning of a Sanctuary, perhaps you may ...
Nami Tamaki ~ 08 Sanctuary (Speciality)Nami Tamaki ~ 08 Sanctuary (Speciality)
3º Album - 12 de julio de 2006. Sony Music Entertainment Japan®
kiba amv slide show - Instrumental version-kiba amv slide show - Instrumental version-
this is a slideshow of the anime kiba its with the song Sanctuary by Nami Tamaki but the Instrumental version.
KH2 - Sanctuary by Nami TamakiKH2 - Sanctuary by Nami Tamaki
I decided to have a go at making an mv! So this my first ever one, that i've completed anyway. Song: Sanctuary by Nami Tamaki Clips copyright Square Enix and ...

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