Hurly Burly

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perfume - hurly burly live !perfume - hurly burly live !
Perfume - 「Hurly Burly」Full English and Romaji LyricsPerfume - 「Hurly Burly」Full English and Romaji Lyrics
「Hurly Burly」Released 2012.08.15 Perfume's new B-side single「Hurly Burly」. As always, lyrics are from Perfume City. ***DISCLAIMER*** Perfume, it's music, ...
Perfume - Hurly Burly (1080p Live, Subtitled)Perfume - Hurly Burly (1080p Live, Subtitled)
To request a live, please visit: All I see online are these TV versions with distracting lyrics and stuff, so here's a nice stage version.
Perfume ♪ Hurly Burly 改ⅧePerfume ♪ Hurly Burly 改Ⅷe
強いビートに乗って ベース、ボーカル、リフが張り合っています! (関連動画) ◎Perfume ♪ Hurly Burly 改Ⅹ⇒ ◎Perfume...
[MMD] HurlyBurly(1080p) [Teto, Neru, Miku][MMD] HurlyBurly(1080p) [Teto, Neru, Miku]
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