歌手 AKB48(Team A) 
作詞 秋元康 
作曲 小形誠 
編曲 若田部誠 
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- Hate - AKB48 [Team A] - Lyrics on description -- Hate - AKB48 [Team A] - Lyrics on description -
Hate of AKB48 (Lyrics) : Lie... Don't you mind me! Lie... Anata no me wo mireba Uso datte wakaru wa Nani ga iitagede... Oh! Yasashii kotoba tte Yokei ni ...
RDM48 Hate (fan cover)RDM48 Hate (fan cover)
All credits from music and dance are from AKS RDM48, Video Performers from Otakufest 2014, Zaragoza. HATE from AKB48, Team A. Video de la Actuacion de ...
#AKB48 TEAM A Pioneer Shukan,AKBSpecial,Kyuugi Taika#AKB48 TEAM A Pioneer Shukan,AKBSpecial,Kyuugi Taika
Disclaimer: Copyright infringement not intended. I do not own this video or audio Made it with no commercial purpose.
【MV】Set me free  Short ver.[TeamA] / AKB48[公式]【MV】Set me free Short ver.[TeamA] / AKB48[公式]
作詞 : 秋元 康 / 作曲・編曲 : 井上ヨシマサ AKB48 44th Maxi Single「翼はいらない」TypeA・B収録曲。 『Set me free』 Team A 入山杏奈、大家志津香、大和田...

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