歌手 Buono! 
作詞 DECO*27 
作曲 DECO*27 
編曲 DECO*27  Konnie-PLASMO'-Aoki 
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01. FEVER Buono01. FEVER Buono
First track off Buono's new mini album, SHERBET.
Buono! 『FEVER』Buono! 『FEVER』
PIZZA-LA Presents Buono! Delivery LIVE 2012 ~愛をお届け!~
Buono! - FeverBuono! - Fever
READ** ALL RIGHTS RESERVE TO Zetima. From Buono!'s 2nd mini album, SHERBET. Tracklist: 1. FEVER 2. GO!GO! ゴーダ 3. 初恋サイダー(Album version) 4.
Buono! - FEVERBuono! - FEVER
This is the first track of the Buono's new mini-album : SHERBET Enjoy ~ Download this track ...
[RHR] Fever - Buono! subbed english[RHR] Fever - Buono! subbed english
This was requested by lukmanhakim11. I'm sorry the video is terrible and it's only one song from Sherbet; the computer that had the video I was going to use is ...

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