Crimson roses

歌手 黒崎真音 
作詞 黒崎真音 
作曲 齋藤真也 
編曲 齋藤真也 
閲覧数合計:1810 今月:20



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Crimson Roses - Maon KurosakiCrimson Roses - Maon Kurosaki
The B-Side track from Maon Kurosaki's single "UNDER/SHAFT". YES, the song is actually six minutes and thirty seconds long. But it's well worth the listen, as it's a beautiful piece (in my opinion)....
Kurosaki Maon [Crimson Roses]Kurosaki Maon [Crimson Roses]
Song of the Jormungand:Perfect Order anime sountrack. Interpret: Maon Kurosaki Album: UNDER / SHAFT Notice very important, I am not the owner of the song this is for purposes of cultural diffusion...
I'm Still Breathing - Maon KurosakiI'm Still Breathing - Maon Kurosaki
What's going on everybody? ChazzardXD for the WIN here and I'm re-uploading this song to my channel because... it disappeared! Like poof off of the internet! Went to go listen to it and it...

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