Parallel Sign

歌手 LAMA 
作詞 LAMA 
作曲 LAMA 
カテゴリ アニメ エウレカセブンAO 挿入歌
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LAMA 『Parallel Sign』LAMA 『Parallel Sign』 今なお、ロングセールスを続けるファーストアルバムの発売から約一年。 "エウレカセブンAO"の挿入歌でもあるシングル「パラレ...
Renton returns | Eureka Seven AO [HD] [60fps]Renton returns | Eureka Seven AO [HD] [60fps]
Hey Guys, this is the ending of episode 22 from Eureka Seven AO. I saw a bunch of these Videos online but they had bad video quality because it's 4 years ago.
LAMA - Seven Swell -based on "Niji"- (Microswarm a.k.a. ANX Remix)LAMA - Seven Swell -based on "Niji"- (Microswarm a.k.a. ANX Remix)
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Lama - Know Your Rights (Short Version)Lama - Know Your Rights (Short Version)
Parallel Sign (2012) I do not own anything in this video, music or picture.

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