Brand New Breeze

歌手 カノン 
作詞 カノン 
作曲 カノン 
編曲 村山達哉 
カテゴリ アニメ 金色のコルダ primo passo OP
読みぶらんど にゅう ぶりーず
閲覧数合計:12594 今月:94



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kanon- brand new breeze.wmvkanon- brand new breeze.wmv
Brand New Breeze [La Corda D'oro] - Kanon - LyricsBrand New Breeze [La Corda D'oro] - Kanon - Lyrics
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La Corda's Brand New BreezeLa Corda's Brand New Breeze
La Corda D'oro amv with the song Brand New Breeze, sung by Kannon. Sort of a dedication to the show. Includes times that the guys had with Kaho.
Brand New Breeze LyicsBrand New Breeze Lyics
Feel free to Ask me anything ^^ Anime-Song Request is What i am Willing to Do ^__^ Song : Brand New Breeze Sang by: Kanon Anime: La Corda D'Oro ~Primo ...
Brand New BreezeBrand New Breeze
This is the ENTIRE song of Brand New Breeze by Kanon. I used clips from La Corda D'oro. This is my first AMV so I hope it's okay!

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