happy birthday to you

作詞 松岡充 
作曲 松岡充 
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Happy Birthday Song to SophiaHappy Birthday Song to Sophia
Is someone you know named Sophia having a birthday today? Do you want to surprise her with something funny? Forget about classical greeting cards. From this very moment you can send her this...
Happy Birthday SophiaHappy Birthday Sophia
https://www.facebook.com/singhappybirthday/ Is someone you know having a birthday? Why not send them a personalised 'Happy Birthday' wish. We have 1000s of recordings in our library, and...
Tina&Tin Happy Birthday SOPHIATina&Tin Happy Birthday SOPHIA
Happy Birthday SOPHIA Tina & Tin wrote this song specially for you. The birthday song with your name. You can buy it at our website: http://www.tinaandtin.com Happy Birthday to You Happy...
SOPHIA「happy  birthday  to  you」歌ってみた🎵SOPHIA「happy birthday to you」歌ってみた🎵
私も参戦した東京両国国技館で行われたライヴ(*´ω`*) しっとりした曲で大好きな歌です.
Happy Birthday  to you Sophia ( Happy B-Day  Sophia )Happy Birthday to you Sophia ( Happy B-Day Sophia )
Happy Birthday Sophia !!!

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