You & Me

歌手 紗希  Rie fu 
作詞 紗希  Rie fu 
作曲 紗希 
編曲 紗希 
カテゴリ アニメ しろくまカフェ OP 3
閲覧数合計:19929 今月:224



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[Lyrics] Saki & Rie Fu - You & Me (Shirokuma Cafe OP3)[Lyrics] Saki & Rie Fu - You & Me (Shirokuma Cafe OP3)
English lyrics!! Shirokuma Cafe Opening 3. The song is 'You & Me' by 紗希&Rie Fu. English lyrics are a combination of the Polar Bear Cafe wikia translation plus ...
You & Me [しろくまカフェ] 紗希/Rie fu ピアノYou & Me [しろくまカフェ] 紗希/Rie fu ピアノ
You&me shirokuma cafe OP.
You&me(cover)/Rie fu・紗希You&me(cover)/Rie fu・紗希
卒業ライブ2016 68曲目 You&me(cover)/Rie fu・紗希.
Shirokuma Cafe OP 3 You & Me (full)Shirokuma Cafe OP 3 You & Me (full)
The 3rd opening of Shirokuma Cafe brought to you by Saki and Rie Fu. Hey. I'm missing Boku ni Invitation here. Say, do I upload it?
Saki & Rie Fu - You & MeSaki & Rie Fu - You & Me
Third intro theme song for Shirokuma Cafe, sung by Saki & Rie Fu. I only used the romaji lyrics, as my attempts to Google translate the Japanese characters ...

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