歌手 angela 
作詞 atsuko 
作曲 atsuko  KATSU 
カテゴリ ドラマ ヴァンパイアホスト ED
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angela☆ solitude vocal coverangela☆ solitude vocal cover
Angela Aki アンジェラ・アキ - Solitude Piano Cover (Remastered)Angela Aki アンジェラ・アキ - Solitude Piano Cover (Remastered)
Howdy! It's been awhile hasn't it? I apologize for the long hiatus, between this crazy summer heat, school, work and whatnot, I was just trying to stay sane and ...
angela solitude アンジェラ ソリチュード 別人歌唱angela solitude アンジェラ ソリチュード 別人歌唱
oh solitude - angela francescaoh solitude - angela francesca
i wrote this in the parking lot of a jewel-osco before going to work.
Angela Aki - Kodoku no Kakera (Shards of Solitude) [English Subtitles]Angela Aki - Kodoku no Kakera (Shards of Solitude) [English Subtitles]
More lyrical translation project! I'll be putting a bunch of these up now that I have time :) This is a really good song, however, this video is a shortened version.

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