Shiny girls

歌手 E-Girls 
作詞 Yu Shimoji 
作曲 Kohei Yokono  ULO 
編曲 Kohei Yokono 
閲覧数合計:5436 今月:47



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Shiny Girls Project! ~ E-girls - Mr.Snowman [歌ってみた]Shiny Girls Project! ~ E-girls - Mr.Snowman [歌ってみた]
Hello to all!! We hope to have a happy holidays, the video I charm as I am, although the audio edition not ah was the best i hope you enjoy :3 Merry Christmas ...
Shiny Girls Project! ~ E-girls - Merry Merry Xmas [歌ってみた]Shiny Girls Project! ~ E-girls - Merry Merry Xmas [歌ってみた]
Hello to all and Happy New Year!!! Tem that the video had got a little late but even do not end these feasts so that even it was time to raise it, I hope you enjoy it ...
E-girls - Pink Champagne TV-CME-girls - Pink Champagne TV-CM
E-girls 17th single Pink Champagne releases on 2016.08.10 E-girlsの17作目のシングル Pink Champagne(E.G. COOL コンセプトシングル)8/10発売!

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