Sky Field

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KENN-Sky Field【with Japanese Lyrics】KENN-Sky Field【with Japanese Lyrics】
Sky Field - KENN Lost my mind 迷い込む とても暗いどこか Breaking out 逃げるには早すぎる Close your eyes 笑えずに 伏せた瞳の中 うまく進めずに 立ちすくむ...
KENN-Sky Field【Less Vocal】KENN-Sky Field【Less Vocal】
I don't own this music and picture......
好きな曲を集めてみた リスト 東亰浪漫譚 →4:19 紅ノ夜ノ唄→9:23 面影草→14:07 TENKAMUTEKI→18:20 Soul Elevation→21:40 グノーシスの断罪→26:36 Eidolon→31:0...
Sky Field - Reflexion [OFFICIAL AUDIO]Sky Field - Reflexion [OFFICIAL AUDIO]
Lorsque Sky Field se met au Rock Progressif, en passant par une touche de Funk lié à du Soul, ça donne un morceau qui peut susciter des réflexions...
KENN-Sanctuary【しらつゆの怪挿入歌(With Japanese lyrics)】KENN-Sanctuary【しらつゆの怪挿入歌(With Japanese lyrics)】
Sorry for waiting too long... Because I really confused about how to use the movie maker of win8...Xp ================================================== Sanctuary - KENN 鼓動 ざわめく...

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