歌手 marble 
作詞 micco 
作曲 菊池達也 
編曲 菊池達也 
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Hanayama Cast Marble Puzzle SolutionHanayama Cast Marble Puzzle Solution
How to solve the Hanayama Cast Marble puzzle, both taking it apart and putting it back together. Questions? Leave a comment.
Hanayama Puzzle Solution " CAST MARBLE "Hanayama Puzzle Solution " CAST MARBLE "
How to solve the Hanayama Cast Marble puzzle. ハナヤマのパズル「キャストマーブル」の解きかた、戻しかたです。
Simple to make, marble puzzleSimple to make, marble puzzle
Material for this project requires a 7 3/4" piece of knot free 2X4 material, two 1/2" glass marbles and and a piece of 1/8" X 1 1/4" X 7 3/4" plexiglass. First, cut the 2 ...
Solving Marble PuzzleSolving Marble Puzzle
Solving Marble Puzzle.
Mind-Warping Marble MazeMind-Warping Marble Maze
This is the Perplexus Warp, a whole new kind of brain teasing concentration puzzle. Buy here: ...

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