歌手 angela 
作詞 atsuko 
作曲 atsuko  KATSU 
カテゴリ アニメ 蒼穹のファフナー ED
閲覧数合計:87768 今月:916




Angela - Separation - Piano Tutorial - Ichky VersionAngela - Separation - Piano Tutorial - Ichky Version
Here is my piano tutorial for Ichky's arrangement of "Separation" by Angela. The piano arrangement is by Ichky and you can watch his piano cover here: ...
fafner in the azule ed separationfafner in the azule ed separation
蒼穹のファフナーED Separation / angela.
angela separation on piano (full version)angela separation on piano (full version)
i did this song before and this is kinda like a full version, or better^^, thanks to Ichky.
angela 『Separation』 アニソン が上手い人にグッとくる会angela 『Separation』 アニソン が上手い人にグッとくる会
天月 陽子 愛知県出身のボーカリスト 彼女の曲をもっと聴きたい人は⇒ 同じ人です。* Snake Eater - Cynthia Harrell / Cover...
Fafner OST (ANGELA) - Separation (Piano Cover)Fafner OST (ANGELA) - Separation (Piano Cover)
A song from ANGELA (JPOP). Main OP theme for the anime Fafner. Enjoy all. Download your FREE 27 minutes audio of "How to Play Piano by Ear - 10 Most ...

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