Baby don't know why(MITOMI TOKOTO Remix)

歌手 Ms.OOJA 
作詞 Ms.OOJA 
作曲 Ms.OOJA 
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Nightcore - Baby don't know why - Ms.OOJA & Mitomi Tokoto (Remix) 🗼Nightcore - Baby don't know why - Ms.OOJA & Mitomi Tokoto (Remix) 🗼
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Ms.OOJA "Baby Don't Know Why" ピアノアレンジ☆Ms.OOJA "Baby Don't Know Why" ピアノアレンジ☆
最近、よく聴くMsOOJAの "Baby Don't Know Why" をオレが尊敬するDJ:Mitomi Tokoto氏がアレンジした【MITOMI TOKOTO REMIX】をピアノアレンジ♪ブレイクの部分は...
Nightcore - Baby Don't Know Why「Ms.OOJA」Nightcore - Baby Don't Know Why「Ms.OOJA」
感謝你留下喜歡和訂閱♡ 記得打開鈴鐺→ 訂閱頻道: ♫ 音樂:Ms.OOJA - Baby Don't Know Why ♪ 親親2o音樂LîvË【Nightcore】♪...
Nightcore - Life - Ms.OOJA & Mitomi Tokoto (Remix) 🗼Nightcore - Life - Ms.OOJA & Mitomi Tokoto (Remix) 🗼
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