It's a JAZZ Thing!!

歌手 JUJU 
作詞 松尾潔 
作曲 松尾潔  豊島吉宏 
編曲 Maestro-T  島健 
閲覧数合計:1865 今月:27



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I’'s a JAZZ Thing!!/ JUJUI’'s a JAZZ Thing!!/ JUJU
作曲:Kiyoshi Matsuo/Yoshihiro Toyoshima 作詞:Kiyoshi Matsuo VIDEO KARAOKE.
It's a jazz ThingIt's a jazz Thing
日本語でジャズ。ドリカムも椎名林檎も歌ってるけど、 JUJUが一番本格的。もちろん、スタンダードのジャズを 勉強しに異国へ行ったからでしょ...
It's a Jazz ThingIt's a Jazz Thing
This vid features a lot of jazz tunes. One will be a band part. Hopefully you will like it, and I hope it's close to perfect. We never actually got around to playing any ...
Roni Size - It's A Jazz ThingRoni Size - It's A Jazz Thing
Roni Size - It's A Jazz Thing.
It's a Jazz Thing - Warm Up @New OrleansIt's a Jazz Thing - Warm Up @New Orleans

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