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矢住夏菜 Rune Factory 3 『ルーンファクトリー3』  主題歌矢住夏菜 Rune Factory 3 『ルーンファクトリー3』  主題歌
2009/11/4 Release 矢住 夏菜『HAPPINESS』 ニンテンドーDS『RuneFactory 3』主題歌.
Like the wind - Yazumi Kana & Joe RinoieLike the wind - Yazumi Kana & Joe Rinoie
Yazumi Kana and Joe Rinoie singing "風のように" (like the wind/happiness). Enjoy! Thanks for the Romanized lyrics "Patheticacy", Maybe it's still wrong, if there ...
[Engsub] Into the Sky - Jin Rinoie[Engsub] Into the Sky - Jin Rinoie
Yo, welcome to our teasing Beatrix channel! This is 『Into the Sky 』- the opening song of Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven - sung by Jin Rinoie! This may sound ...
ルーンファクトリー3 オープニング HAPPINESS 「ルーンファクトリー 新牧場物語 」OP「RUNE」→ 「ルーンファクトリー2」OP「RUNE2...
Yazumi Kana - Happiness English versionYazumi Kana - Happiness English version
Yazumi Kana singing Happiness. Contribute by buying her song through iTunes. (Thanks for the lyrics Akototemp) Lyrics; Fly higher and higher Where wings of ...

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