Arrietty's Song

歌手 Cecile Corbel 
作詞 Cecile Corbel 
作曲 Simon Caby  Cecile Corbel 
訳詞 伊平容子 
カテゴリ アニメ 借りぐらしのアリエッティ 主題歌
閲覧数合計:34753 今月:130



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Arrietty's Song by Cecile CorbelArrietty's Song by Cecile Corbel
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Arrietty's Song Japanese lyricsArrietty's Song Japanese lyrics
i don't own the song, i don't own the picture, i only made the video. decided that because i didn't see a lyrics video that i should just make one.
Arrietty's Song [English Version]Arrietty's Song [English Version]
English version of the song from the Studio Ghibli film Arrietty.
Arrietty's Song / Cecile Corbel ( セシル・コルベル )Arrietty's Song / Cecile Corbel ( セシル・コルベル )
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Cécile Corbel Arrietty's songCécile Corbel Arrietty's song
premier extrait du showcase de Cécile Corbel lors de la soirée Arrietty au cinéma Le studio.

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