hard to say

読みはーど とぅ せい
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Crystal Kay - Hard to Say PV (off shot over)Crystal Kay - Hard to Say PV (off shot over)
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Grell "hard to say,by crystal kay"Grell "hard to say,by crystal kay"
I was bored and couldn't sleep one night so I made this because one friend is for grell getting Sebastian and the other is Grell will never have him lol you decide.
hard to sayhard to say
Crystal Kay ft. m-flo.
Crystal Kay - Hard to Say (Acoustic Live in New York)Crystal Kay - Hard to Say (Acoustic Live in New York)
Crystal Kay performing an acoustic version of "Hard to Say" on November 18, 2014 at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.
Crystal kay-Hard to sayCrystal kay-Hard to say
Crystal kay-Hard to say.

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