Baby Girl

歌手 Crystal Kay 
作曲 ICEDOWN  Crystal Kay 
読みべぃびー がーる
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Baby Girl CrystalBaby Girl Crystal
My Baby girl's ultrasound and 4D recording... See you in 2 months... :)
Crystal Kay Girl U Love LiveCrystal Kay Girl U Love Live
Disclaimer:I own nothing, but enjoy.
Crystal Kay - Call me Miss... Album UnboxingCrystal Kay - Call me Miss... Album Unboxing
01 Baby Girl 02 Kirakuni 03 恋におちたら 04 Hero 05 テレパシー 06 Ktk 07 I Know 08 Nobody But You 09 Together 10 Fly To You 11 Motherland 12 Fly To You 13 きっと 14...
Crystal Kay - Call me Miss... (2006) - Vocal Range: C#3-Bb5Crystal Kay - Call me Miss... (2006) - Vocal Range: C#3-Bb5
Legend: *B = Background *E = Exclamation *H = Harmonized *OU = Octave Unison.
Crystal Kay - 「何度でも」(ドラマ「オトナ女子」挿入歌) Music Video(short ver.)【好評配信中!】Crystal Kay - 「何度でも」(ドラマ「オトナ女子」挿入歌) Music Video(short ver.)【好評配信中!】
フジテレビ系 木曜劇場『オトナ女子』挿入歌Digital Single「何度でも」 iTunesStore: レコチョク:

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