作詞 こだまさおり 
作曲 渡辺泰司 
編曲 渡辺泰司 
カテゴリ アニメ Free! ED
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Splash Free! - Style Five live (Free! ISC Ed)Splash Free! - Style Five live (Free! ISC Ed)
I do not own this video whatsoever . This anime belongs to KyoAnimation and their rightful owners -Link to the full event (no sub)- ...
Free!   Splash Free (Lyrics)Free! Splash Free (Lyrics)
La canción, los gráficos, ni la voz me pertenecen. Solo es un video de ayuda para identificar a los cantantes y para saber lo que dice en español. No hay ...
[Lyrics] FREE! Iwatobi swim club  ED - Splash Free - Style five[Lyrics] FREE! Iwatobi swim club ED - Splash Free - Style five
I've found this song's lyric and I think this may be the most reliable lyric hehehe Sorry for my mistake m(_ _)m...[Read below] Romaji Make us free na splash!
[FULL] Free! ED -『Splash Free』- Original/English[FULL] Free! ED -『Splash Free』- Original/English
[HD] 『Splash Free』 by Style Five ◇ Free! Ending (Full) ▻Original and English lyrics. Thanks for watching! ~ Merci d'avoir regardé!...
STYLE FIVE- Splash Free + LyricsSTYLE FIVE- Splash Free + Lyrics
One of my fav songs so I made this video. :) Enjoy~ (Haru is best guy) The song is sung by their voice actors. Aren't their voices soo sexy?

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