can't stop, won't stop

歌手 西野カナ 
作詞 西野カナ  DJ Mass  ENVIE 
作曲 DJ Mass  GRP 
編曲 VIVID Neon* 
閲覧数合計:2298 今月:2



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西野カナ can't stop, won't stop(歌ってみた)西野カナ can't stop, won't stop(歌ってみた)
相変わらずのグダグダ加減。゚(゚ノ∀`゚)゚。 この歌何回歌っても上手く歌えんー。むむむ。 英語難しい 。・゚・(゚`д´゚)・゚・。 YouTubeの...
Nightcore - We Won't StopNightcore - We Won't Stop
Nightcore - We Won't Stop Nightcored by myself Original by Miley Cyrus titled We Won't Stop I don't own anything in the video, including the audio and picture.
KO-1   -Can't Stop Won't Stop -  (from.SHOUTOUT) 2011 NEWKO-1 -Can't Stop Won't Stop - (from.SHOUTOUT) 2011 NEW
HOOK- Can't Stop Won't Stop 期待と不安掻き分け進む Can't Stop Won't Stop 光を辿りこの身を焦がす Can't Stop Won't Stop なにがなんでもって言い聞かす...
►Nightcore - ★Together [Kana Nishino]►Nightcore - ★Together [Kana Nishino]
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Nightcore- Can't stop missing youNightcore- Can't stop missing you
Song: Missing you -Mia Martina Image link: I do not own anything Lyrics: When you lie awake at night do you still think of me?

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