作詞 こだまさおり 
作曲 加藤達也 
編曲 加藤達也 
カテゴリ アニメ Free! ED
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Free! EVER BLUE - Style FiveFree! EVER BLUE - Style Five
I own nothing. not the song and not the picture. I NEVER CLAIMED TO OWN THIS, JUST SHOWING IT please support the creators and buy the disk when you can~ Since many people asked for the picture,...
free ever blue lyrics + eng subfree ever blue lyrics + eng sub
song: EVER BLUE link music: http://www.stafaband.info/download/mp3/lagu_free_ever_blue_style_five/ link principal pic: http://mexu2d.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/2.jpg thanks for watching!
EVER BLUE - Style Five【MV】Free!1期 PVEVER BLUE - Style Five【MV】Free!1期 PV
This movie is MV of Free! series1.The start of music is 00:55.DIA are contained. 曲開始00:55〜各パートとキャラのシーンは合わせてます。台詞入り。自分が見たくて作...
Style Five - Ever BlueStyle Five - Ever Blue
33 had to make this after the episode heheheh it was my fave episode of them all I own nothing at all only the video //wishedtoowntheboysohoho guys here is the official link to the full version...
[Piano+Vocal Cover] Ever Blue [Style Five / Free!][Piano+Vocal Cover] Ever Blue [Style Five / Free!]
[No copyright infringement intended yada yada etc] IMPORTANT: Please do not request the instrumental because I worked hard to play/record/sequence it. Thank you. Yeah, so I've done this quite...

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