Fan Fanfare!!!

歌手 Sweet Diva 
作詞 稲葉エミ 
作曲 eba  和寅 
編曲 eba 
カテゴリ アニメ 世界でいちばん強くなりたい! ED
閲覧数合計:14526 今月:89


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Sweet Diva - Fan Fanfare!!!Sweet Diva - Fan Fanfare!!!
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TVアニメ『世界でいちばん強くなりたい!』ED Sweet Diva「Fan Fanfare!!!」PVTVアニメ『世界でいちばん強くなりたい!』ED Sweet Diva「Fan Fanfare!!!」PV
せかつよエンディングテーマ「Fan Fanfare!!!」歌:Sweet Diva(萩原さくら:竹達彩奈、宮澤エレナ:阿澄佳奈、菅野七海:大坪由佳、望月悠歩:伊藤...
Sweet Diva - Fan Fanfare!!! (SekaTsuyo BD Edit) - 世界でいちばん強くなりたい!Sweet Diva - Fan Fanfare!!! (SekaTsuyo BD Edit) - 世界でいちばん強くなりたい!
With 1080p Blu-Ray edits and improvements over the TV version! From Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! (SekaTsuyo) / Wanna be the Strongest in the World!
Gabriel DropOut [ AMV ] - Sweet Diva: Fan Fanfare!!!Gabriel DropOut [ AMV ] - Sweet Diva: Fan Fanfare!!!
Anime: Gabriel DropOut Music: Sweet Diva - Fan Fanrare * Thanks for watching! * Like, Comment & Sub ;) !! Important All rights reserved to the authors, if you ...
Fan Fanfare!!! (Prod. by NEJi)Fan Fanfare!!! (Prod. by NEJi)
Will be making an extended version soon, was limited to just a small portion of this, enjoy! Also be on the lookout of me drop a load of originals, "LOL" it'll be ...

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