歌手 μ's 
作詞 畑亜貴 
作曲 山田高弘 
編曲 河田貴央 
カテゴリ アニメ ラブライブ! イメージソング
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LOVELESS WORLDに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

μ's 6th single c/w「LOVELESS WORLD」試聴動画μ's 6th single c/w「LOVELESS WORLD」試聴動画
μ's 6th single Music S.T.A.R.T!! μ's BD付超豪華盤:LACM-34155 税抜7143円 BD付通常盤:LACM-14155 税抜4286円 DVD付通常盤:LACM-14156 税抜1905円 ...
Love Live - Loveless World (Acapella)Love Live - Loveless World (Acapella)
This video was taken down sometime ago on another channel. I really loved it, so I thought I should do my part and put it back up. I do not claim to own anything ...
μ's-  Loveless World (MALE VERSION)μ's- Loveless World (MALE VERSION)
I haven't been on for a while, a thousand apologies!! Anyways, I'm still working on those MP3 (let's just say I'm a bit lazy this week, another thousand apologies ...
LOVELESS WORLD - µ’s - Guitar CoverLOVELESS WORLD - µ’s - Guitar Cover
The song is half pitch up- Since the last one(ID by LiSA) is blocked in some countries, here's another one for you ;) I'm really sorry for those of you who cannot ...
9月24日発売 ラブライブ!TVアニメ2期BD第4巻<特装限定版>特典 ラブライブ!μ's →NEXT LoveLive! 2014 〜ENDLESS PARADE〜Part2試聴動画です。

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