歌手 neko 
作詞 neko 
作曲 neko 
編曲 neko 
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neko - Wonderland (Short Ver.)neko - Wonderland (Short Ver.)
Wonderland Online - Neko in 20 RoundWonderland Online - Neko in 20 Round
This is VERY FIRST time IGG released 20R, so also my very first 20R run, so slow, and without strategy... xD I hope you like the music also! I might upload faster ...
Wonderland Online - Neko in JSWonderland Online - Neko in JS
This is how I do JS. I hope you like the music too! I've sold over 140 JS already ^-^ WLO JS I do NOT own any copyright for the used songs, I did NOT make them ...
Wonderland Online - Neko in Full Fatal Blow - 1h 18mWonderland Online - Neko in Full Fatal Blow - 1h 18m
Super fast 1 hour 18 min FINISH !! - no pets NOTE: My wind; Nesma is FASTEST on WLO: over 6000 spd (that is why R5 goes smoothly) I have sold over 130 FB ...

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